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Face Shape and Frames

Face Shape

Frame Style


You’re more vertical than horizontal, with the widest point of your face sitting at the cheekbones. Try rounded or angular frames, don’t go too big or too small, as it'll create an unequal look.

You’ve got a solid jaw, with a forehead that’s equal to your cheekbones. They’re strong features that work well with softer, rounded or Aviator-shaped sunglasses. Nothing too graphic or angled.

Your forehead and brow line are similar width, while your cheekbones and jawline slowly contour inward to meet at a sharp, prominent chin. It’s a compact shape that suits smaller frames.

You’re a perfect circle (congrats), but be warned – you don’t want a case of roundness overload (basically, circular shades on a round face). But anything else – angular, square.